Monday, February 23, 2009

Nadir: Masquerade Party

"So, whom are you masquerading?" asked Adam.

As promised, he showed up in front of my dorm exactly at 8 pm. Not a minute less. In his hand held a beautiful blossomed red rose, as if it was just being plucked from a sacred garden.

"Me," I answered, plain and simple.

I knew very well what the costume's representing. It symbolized the untouchable power of Princess Sophia, the great ruler of Zenba Empire from the ancient history. It was first worn at the beginning of her victory, and later for each success. Of course, as expected, it was Natalie who spilled all the details while preparing me. I could say she did quite an awesome job. The costume really represented who I was - the great power.

I stared at Adam's Medieval costume. He donned a chaperon with an arm long for its cornette tail and patte, wore a black scholar gown and perfected it with a knee-high boot. Even though it seemed a little funny, it did made an attractive ensemble on him.

"Beautiful rose for a beautiful lady," said Adam, handing me the flower.

I accepted, but startled for a moment. What was I supposed to do with it? I was never been given a flower before. Should I leave it in my room or should I bring it to the party? Do I have to hold it all the time? Ah, talking about unencumbered...

"Thanks," I finally said, still confused.

"Shall we?" asked him, extended his left arm.

I smiled, reached his arm and decided to bring along the flower. We walked towards Crystal Hall, the main hall of the citadel. That's where the party was. From the outside, I could already smell the vibes of hundreds of people.

The moment we walked in, the vibes doubled. This time, all eyes were fixated on me. I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to explain the behavior. Natalie had already warned me the price of accepting Adam's invitation. The reaction of the crowd would be either hate it or love it.

But I wouldn't care less. If they chose to dislike me, so be it. I didn't come here to win people's heart. I only have one motive and I would do anything to achieve it. Anybody who would get in the middle of my way, won't be tolerated. Even if they were hundreds of them. Nothing would stop me.

I looked at Adam. He seemed so cool and relax. It didn't bother him at all with the unwelcome attentions he received. I turned my head to another side. I could see Natalie waving excitingly at me. At least I knew she was in the love-it side.

My eyes kept on scanning the whole crowd, seeking for one particular person. But I could not spot him anywhere. I refused to believe that he wasn't there, especially when he actually became the eyes and ears for The Master.

One hour had passed. The jealousy circulated around me, didn't seem to fade away. I realized now, it won't be a smooth path for me. Not anymore. With Mark, and now, the hate-it crowd, all I should expect was more and more obstacles.

-to be continued-

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nadir: Listen To Your Heart

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"He asked you to the party, with him?" asked Natalie, half excited.

I just nodded. I didn't know how else to react. Should I be as excited as her?

Natalie's eyes widened. "Oh, please say you said yes."

"Well... umm...yeah.. I kinda said that," I hesitantly replied.

"Yes!" Natalie shouted and jumped from her bed. "We must get you ready for the party."

I looked at her, trying to understand it, but I couldn't. "What so speacial about this party?" I finally asked.

Natalie turned to me and smiled. "It's not the party, but whom you are going with."


She nodded. Slowly she walked towards me and held my hand. "Adam never ask anybody out before nor to a party. So this must be something great for him, and for you."

Now, everything became clear to me. I understood very well what Natalie was trying to say. Put it in my own words, it would make my mission more easier than I imagined before. All I had to do was to play along with him, without blowing my cover. That should not be a problem to me.

"I don't have a costume to wear for tonight."

Natalie laughed. "I'll take care of that. You just go and have fun."

We both laughed together, but definitely for a different reason.

-to be continued-

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nadir: Sense and Sensibility

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"Alone?" a voice greeted from behind.

I turned back and saw Adam, smiling. He was holding a tray full of food. This guy must have a good appetite.

"Care if I joined?" he asked, politely.

I nodded. Frankly, I wasn't really in a good mood of chatting. I just wished to finish up my meal and straight away went to my first class.

Adam put down his tray and sat opposed to me. I didn't ever bother to look at him. Somehow he just jolted my memory to my first killed, and I didn't want to be reminded of it.

I knew he noticed that I didn't show any interest in starting a conversation, so he initiated it. "Your first class is history?"

"Huh?" I understood exactly what he meant, but I was kinda shocked that he knew what my first class would be. Was this guy digging me out?

Adam smiled. "You write it on your paper," he said, pointed to my file.

"Oh." Now only I reailzed how he found out. I felt stupid for thinking that he was eyeing me. I gave him a quick smile. I was done with my meal and ready to move when Adam suddenly stopped me.

"Do you know that we have a masquerade party tonight?" he asked.

"Nope," I replied. I didn't care if there was any.

Adam smiled again. "Would you like to go with me?" he threw out the question.

I was startled. Me? Going to a masquerade party? I must be out of my mind. "Thanks, but no thanks. I don't do dancing, nor having a costume to wear."

His expression changed. Perhaps he was never been turned down before. "Well, if you changed your mind..."

"Okay, I'll go," I answered before he could finish off his sentence. I saw Mark at the end of the corner. I didn't know why, but I felt like I have to accept his invitation to prove something to Mark.

Adam seemed confused with my sudden changed of answer. "Err.. I fetch you at 8?"

"8 sounds perfect to me." I didn't have to wait for his response. I just went away, leaving Adam with his confusion.

-to be continued-

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nadir: Whisper From the Past

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I woke up early the next morning. Natalie was still having her heavenly sleeping. I didn't intend to wake her up. I didn't even bother actually. With Mark around, getting acquainted with Natalie was the last thing in my to-do list.

I got myself equipped with all the necessary stuff to begin my first class with. Good impression would give great impact. A decent look could always fool people. That was what I made of, gifted with perfect beauty from the outside, but filled with killer instinct in the inside.

It was still early. I sat back on my bed. My eyes caught at the old bracelet I was wearing. It was rusted eaten by time. Suddenly the ancient memory was triggered. I was brought back to my past, to the time when it was all started...

The night was cold. I didn't understand why I was being left there, alone. Both of my arms were crossing my body. There was no light. I could only hear sounds of so many things that I couldn't identify. Once in a while I could feel the itchiness being bitten by the hungry mosquitoes.

My head was screaming. I didn't dare to cry. I could still remember when I had my first tears, I was hardly beaten by The Master. Since then I tried to stay strong, eventhough I fell in the inside.

Few minutes had gone by. I was still standing there, didn't know what to do. Suddenly I saw a light approaching. An old man was holding the torch. He stopped by and brought me home. He gave me food and a place to stay.

For months I accompanied the old man. I learnt to do things I never did before. He had many amazing skills. Without hesitating, he taught me all. I knew how to hunt different kind of animals. I could face many dangerous obstacles without being afraid. I knew how to heal myself. And most importantly, I became a great fighter.

One night, the old man entered my room. He gave me the bracelet, and said he would forgive me for what I were about to do. I didn't understand at first. But everything became clear the very next morning, when the old man lied beside me. His body was covered with blood.

It was my first kill. I killed many animals before, but never a human. That day, I'd completely transformed into an assassin, as The Master would always wanted me to be....

Natalie's yawning surprised me. Without realizing, for the first time after more than 10 years, I cried. I wiped my tears and straightly went out from the room.

-to be continued-

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nadir: Lady In Disguise

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It was already 30 minutes past midnight. Natalie was deadly asleep, tired due to the long hours of orientation. It was just the perfect time for me to stroll through the citadel and familiarized myself with it.

Slowly I went out from my room and walked all the way through the aisle. I gave each and every corner a thorough look. Whatever I was about to do, it had to be well planned. Perfection was vital to The Master. No lead was allowed to be left.

I led my leg to the hallway. Thanks to Natalie's tale. I felt as if I were there when the feud took place. Everything seemed very clear and fresh. I could simply mirror the event if I were required to.

Suddenly a black figure at the end of the hallway caught my eyes. It directed me to come closer. Carefully I approached it. My gold dagger given by The Master was in ready position to be pulled out anytime when needed.

I boldly faced the figure. Nothing would scare this fully-trained assassin chick. From the way it looked, I could tell that he was a man. I waited for him to make the first move. He stared at me, and seconds later he pulled out his mask. What I saw really surprised me because he was no other than Mark!

"What are you doing here?" I demanded an answer.

"The Master sent me here, to watch after you," Mark answered.

"I got everything under control. You can go back and tell The Master that his mission will be done exactly as what he wanted it to be."

"Unfortunately he doesn't think that way. That's why I am here." His answer is just as cocky as he is.

Eventhough surprised with what I heard, I remained calm. I was taught not to let the emotion took over me. If The Master had given the order, then I shall obey it.

"Fine," I finally said.

Mark smiled contently. He wore back his mask, and disappeared. I breathed slowly. With Mark in here, I knew it will not be an easy task anymore. Every single move that I made, will be watched and reported. And one clumsy mistake, would cost my life forever. He definitely would wait for that moment, and I would never allow it to happen for sure. This is my vow.

-to be continued-

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nadir: Strictly Dormitory

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H21172 - Finally, after hours of orientation, I was given my own room, my own privacy. Actually it was a twin sharing room, meaning that I would have a roommate. Apart of me was excited to meet a new friend, since I didn't have any besides Mark. Who knew we might be bosom friends. However, another half of me was rejecting her already. What if she got into my way? Well, I could easily destroy her, said my nasty thought. Yes, that's exactly what I would do if she became such a troublesome.

I unpacked all of my things and started to arrange them in the locker provided when I heard footstep approached closer and closer. I listened very carefully where it headed to. With the training I'd been through, I could easily tell it was heading towards my room. And my judgement was 100% accurate, the sound of footstep stopped right in front of my door. I watched closely as the door knob was twisted, waiting patiently for whoever might enter.

A girl, about my age, with a serene look appeared from the opened door. "Hello!" She greeted me with her friendly appeal.

"Hi," I replied, short and neutral.

"I'm Natalie Cork, you can call me Nat," she introduced herself. She paused for a while and scanned through me. "Oh my gosh! You are so gorgeous. I wish I could have your pretty look and beautiful auburn hair," she said, full of admiration.

Her praise stunned me for a few seconds. Nobody ever expressed such a pleasant comment to me, and this was so least expected from a stranger whom I met for less than a second. Crypticvilleans were really weirdos, something that I can conclude after being here for three-quarter of the day.

"Did I say something that I shouldn't?" she asked, upon my silence.

"No, of course you didn't," I looked at her and continued, "I'm Izabelle, and you can call me Izzy." I tried to be friendly as well.

"Oh, Izabelle, what a divine name. I could say I've already envied you." There she went again with her obsession towards me. "You know what, I think we can be great friends."

I nodded. Or it could be worse. I worked back on my things, before I became more annoyed by her complimentary attitude. But Natalie was just being Natalie, she didn't even know when to stop. She continued with her story, then switched to Crypticville, followed by the success of Wentworths, and it went on and on. And I did what I did best - simply ignoring her tale.

-to be continued-

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nadir: The Legendary Wentworth

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“Welcome to the Fortress of Crypticville, the center of knowledge for the greater good,” greeted Prof. Alan Wentworth in his welcoming speech, the Principal, and also the Caretaker of the fortress. In his mid-50’s, he looked very confident and proud in his black tuxedo.

The Wentworths were the one responsible for building the fortress. Starting with Lord Wentworth back in 1909, it was built to protect the village from the civil wars. Since then, the responsibility of taking care the fortress was passed down from one generation to another.

The role of the fortress had evolved from an excellence citadel to a peace-loving center of education. Those who became the Caretaker were highly respected and gained nobility from its people. No wonder there was a trial of coup d’etat couple of decades ago when Prof. Wentworth was first appointed as the new Caretaker, planned by his first cousin, Murray Wentworth. It was all about power. The feud lasted for years, and both families suffered a great lost. Prof. Wentworth lost his newborn daughter during the final battle, and as a result Murray Wentworth was banished from Crypticville forever. No one knew where he was since then.

“Not a Crypticvillean, are you?” the sound of a male voice asking, surprised me. I didn’t expect to be acquainted with anybody at this very moment, at least not yet.

I turned my head, searching for the source of the voice. To my surprise, a tall, dark and handsome guy with a gay smile was standing on the left side of me. "Huh?" was the only response I could give.

"Sitting at the back here all alone, definitely not a Crypticvillean," he said, still smiling. "Do you mind if I sit there?" He pointed to an empty seat next to me.

"Yeah, sure," I replied.

He lowered his bag hanged on his right shoulder, sat on the empty seat, and put the bag on his lap. "So, where are you from?" he asked, tried to be friendly.

"Drexs," I answered, short and firm.

"Drexs?" I could sense an astounding tone in his voice. "So tell me what brings a highly civilized Drexsan into a small village like Crypticville?" He asked for clarification.

"Looking for a new and fresh air," I said, halfly smiled, and quickly changed the subject "so what does a Crypticvillean do sitting at the back here?"

He burst out laughing. "You caught me," he said, and continued smiling. "I'm Adam, Adam Wentworth Pyer" He finally introduced himself. Wentworth Pyer? I gave him an astonishment strange look. "I'm half Wentworth," he explained, as if he understood my puzzled look.

"Half Wentworth I see," I nodded, and glanced at him. I could notice a dimple on his left cheek, which added to the sweetness of his face. "It must be your mother." I tried to guess.

"Exactly," he said, and smiled. This guy must be loved smiling, I thought. "She was so proud of it, and insisted on using it as my middle name."

"Was?" I asked, half surprised.

"My parents died when I was 4." There was a short hiatus before he continued, "you see, Prof. Wentworth is my distant relative. But after the tragedy, he brought me in into the family. So I guess now I'm fully Wentworth."

Interesting, he could be the key for me to start the hazard. I looked at him. "I just met you for a few seconds, and you've already told me this?"

He smiled again. "That's one good thing about Crypticvilleans. We trust people." Or it could be your greatest weakness. I gave myself a triumphant smirk. "Sorry, I still didn't catch your name?" he asked.

"Izabelle d'Conway," I replied, and flashing him the best smile I could give. Seemed like the first victory was already on my side, and many more to come. This was just the beginning...

-to be continued-